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How Pure is Your Fruit Mix?

How Pure is Your Fruit Mix?

Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly which items will end up in your shopping basket on an average trip to the grocery store. Everyone nowadays is trying to make the healthiest choices possible for themselves and their families. A great first step in that direction is to simply eat and drink more fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, when it comes to beverages, getting a hold of just the fruit could turn out tricky. Labels are designed to make you believe that every fruit juice or fruit mix in the beverage department is practically 100% juice;  nonetheless, the fine print tells a different story.


Food And Drink Labels And You


You’d be hard pressed to find someone these days that wouldn’t qualify themselves as "busy”. Our lives are hectic, and there are a myriad of demands on our time coming from all sorts of sources. A trip to the grocery store is almost always just something that has to get done, and should get done as quickly as possible. This can make careful reading of labels seem like a needless extravagance. But those labels are actually legally required to give you a lot of information? For instance, in the United States, any beverage that is less than 100% fruit juice has to include a modifying word like "beverage” or "drink” after the word "juice”. So, when you see "apple juice beverage” you know that there are most likely added sugars and additives in the product.


Nothing But Goodness


There’s an old saying that goes ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself, and while most of us don’t have our own orchard or the ability to freshly squeeze all the juice we’d like to have, using a pure fruit mix as a base for home-made fruit juice may be the next best thing. By taking a concentrated puree of fruit and mixing it with water yourself, you can be sure that what you’re drinking is a healthy, additive-free juice. More than that, you’ll know exactly what’s in your GMO-free smoothie or fruit-based cocktail. While many juices that are labelled as more exotic fruits like mango or guava contain a large portion of apple or pear juice. If you start with just a pure fruit puree and go from there, you know exactly what you’re dealing with. With a pure fruit mix you’ll get only fruit you want, and not a cocktail of additives, preservatives and artificial flavors or colors. With that as your base, you can blend up a nutritious fruit smoothie, mix up your own tasty fruit juices, or easily add pure fruit to your favourite breakfast, dessert, or even cocktail.

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